Candied carrots

Candied carrots 1

These candied carrots are sliced carrots inside a brown sugar and butter glaze which are simmered until tender. It’s an excellent easy side dish that’s ideal for a weeknight dinner or perhaps a holiday meal!

The most staunch veggie haters will adore these carrots coated inside a sticky sweet glaze. They’re so simple to help you won’t even accept is as true!

One factor I usually have within my fridge is really a bag of carrots. They’re affordable, continue for days making for any perfect side dish. These candied carrots decorate your fundamental steamed carrots having a brown sugar and butter glaze that has run out of our planet scrumptious! You could have this side dish you are cooking within fifteen minutes that makes it ideal for individuals busy days when you’re looking to get dinner made in a rush.

Steps to make candied carrots

To create candied carrots you’ll need whole carrots, butter, brown sugar, salt, pepper and parsley. That’s it! You are able to reduce your carrots into sticks or slices. I typically do slices simply because they prepare faster and therefore are simpler to consume.

The initial step would be to simmer your carrots inside a little water until linked with emotions . soften. Next you’ll stir within the butter, brown sugar and seasonings, then let everything prepare together before the carrots are coated with scrumptious glaze.

I give a little chopped parsley in the finish for additional color and flavor, however, you can skip that step if you’re in a rush or don’t have fresh parsley in the home.

The finish outcome is tender carrots which are both sweet and savory. For those who have kids which are picky eaters, these candied carrots are an easy way with a some veggies inside them, simply because they taste a bit like chocolate as it would seem!

I make these candied carrots like a side to some roasted chicken, and they’re always on the Easter time table alongside our holiday pork. However you choose to serve your candied carrots, they’re sure to become a huge hit!

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