Hamburger gravy

Hamburger gravy 1

Feb 19, 2019 / Updated May 6, 2019 / By Wendi Spraker

Believe me, you will be so happy relating to this. Just a little (ok, a great deal, let’s face the facts, we aren’t able to just carrying out a little) of the creamy meaty hamburger gravy splashed over some toast, biscuit, southern fried taters and onions or literally anything in your dinner plate is just the most perfect comfort dinner ever.

Existence in the center of the cold and dark winter doesn’t get a lot better than this hamburger gravy. It’s everything warm and cozy along with a lifetime favorite.


  • This creamy hamburger gravy is a fantastic way to fill up a scrumptious home-made meal
  • Hamburger gravy uses ingredients you have in your own home.
  • You are able to combine a load of hamburger gravy within twenty minutes.


A lot of us don’t forget this warm creamy creation from soccer practice offered over grain. It’s certainly one of my own favorites that my father accustomed to create for supper.

Even wikipedia didn’t have informations concerning the origin of hamburger gravy, but my prediction is the fact that it’s existed for some time which families happen to be making gravy with what they’ve readily available for a really lengthy time.

  • This really is excellent with Chicken Fried Steak, Salisbury Steak or Hangry Hamburgers.
  • You are able to serve hamburger gravy over classic mashed taters, grain, breakfast taters (hello!).
  • Serve over any starch is ideal after which serve a eco-friendly or yellow veggie like a side and you’ve had a perfect meal!
  • What about some crockpot eco-friendly beans and bacon or yellow squash?

This type of classic made with….

  • With onions
  • Grain
  • Get this to with mushrooms! Yummy!
  • Without flour
  • With cream of mushroom soup
  • With canned gravy
  • Without milk
  • Using onion soup
  • With peas
  • Mixing in sour cream
  • Substituting beef broth
  • Using corn starch to thicken

Consume yours within two hrs after which refrigerate it for approximately five days.

It’ll retain in the refrigerator should you pay for it well for five days. Next, you need to toss it.

This doesn’t freeze mainly because the gravy separates after freezing. It’s better to have fresh.

We prefer 80/20 hamburger for ours, however , any is okay. You’ll would like to pour off any accrued grease after browning the floor beef.

Stick to the directions below and you may then pour the gravy right into a crockpot to help keep it warm until you are prepared for doing things. Set the crockpot on low.

Stick to the directions below and you may then set the whole skillet within the oven or pour into a stove safe dish. Set the oven around the cheapest setting to help keep warm until you are prepared to consume.


If you want to avoid milk for whatever reason, the easiest method to make hamburger gravy is by using water. It won’t seem like the gravy during these photos, and can taste excellent!

First, drop a beef, chicken or vegetable bouillon cube into warm water and let it dissolve completely. Once the water has cooled, make use of the bouillon water instead of the milk within the recipe below.

This is often created using water rather of milk!


  1. The quantity of hamburger you utilize is entirely your decision. If you want more meat inside your gravy, use more. If you like less, then use less.
  2. The more you prepare your hamburger gravy, the thicker it is. Stop cooking it when it’s just lacking how thick you want gravy. It’ll thicken a little more because it cools.
  3. Serve your hamburger gravy hot.
  4. If you want to reheat your hamburger gravy, you will see that it’s significantly thicker once it’s been refrigerated. Simply then add milk as to the you’ve and stir rid of it while you heat it.
  5. If you’re realizing protuberances within the gravy, make use of a whisk and whisk it rapidly. This can remove any protuberances.
  6. In case your gravy becomes too thick when you are cooking it, just then add milk and it’ll thin out.
  7. Try some seasonings that you simply prefer together with your hamburger gravy. We particularly enjoy onion powder and garlic clove powder. A small little bit of cayenne is a fairly touch. Thyme and oregano provide a special flavor too.

LET’S SEE The Salt Water Evaporates.

hamburger gravy with milk

Add some flour towards the skillet and permit to prepare for just a few minutes.

Hamburger gravy with milk

Add some seasoning towards the hamburger

Pour within the milk.

hamburger gravy with milk

Prepare and stir before the gravy is thick while you prefer

Hamburger gravy with milk


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