Ice cream cake

Ice cream cake 1

A few days ago means tank tops, barefeet, sun block, ac, and all sorts of things your dog times of summer time embody. A few days ago does mean a balmy 65% humidity, hair frizz reaching astronomical heights, i adore AC? and back-to-school commercials haunting our TV screens. Activating our ovens seems like evil torture and ice-cold coffee is our bestie.

The spirit of summer time is powerful as always at this time along with a 5 layer frozen treats cake saves your day. It keeps all of us smiling, satisfied, and Awesome.

I don’t possess a solution for that frightening wild hair. But please send me your tips.

I suppose at this time will be the time for you to admit which i rarely make frozen treats cake. Previously, we’ve always selected up in the store. And I’m somewhat mounted on my oven. You can even refer to it as a baking addiction, but whatever.

The fact is, I’m always so nervous to create frozen treats cakes since i come with an irrational fear the layers will either separate or simply melt together and also the whole factor may be like a sprinkled chocolate blob. I care what my desserts seem like an excessive amount of (hi, are we met?) down the sink my efforts on the blob risk!!

However I quieted my fears earlier this week because I’m testing dessert recipe #2 for Kevin’s approaching birthday party. Here’s dessert recipe #1! We’re getting children and grown ups over and that i figured an frozen treats cake will be the perfect large batch dessert for everyone everybody. As well as, Kevin LOVES frozen treats.

So allow me to break lower these layers for you personally.

You will find 5 layers within this frozen treats beauty:

  1. Oreo cookie crust
  2. Chocolate frozen treats
  3. Peanut butter cup frozen treats
  4. Hot fudge
  5. Whipped cream + sprinkles on the top

You should use any flavors of frozen treats you would like. Chocolate and peanut butter is essential within this household, however i seem like chocolate and cookies ‘n’ cream could be outrageously good. Or perhaps vanilla and strawberry for any neapolitan vibe.

And, because we all like lists, without a doubt things i learned from my recipe testing.

Frozen Treats Cake Tips

  1. Soften the frozen treats and stir it around inside a bowl to smooth it before layering in. Stirring the frozen treats to produce a smooth uniform texture makes layering a lot simpler!
  2. Freeze the wedding cake for fifteen minutes among adding each layer. Jetski from the blob.
  3. Make certain you’ve a minimum of an hour or so to organize the wedding cake. See #2.
  4. I made use of rather less butter within the Oreo crust and also the recipe below reflects that. More butter made the frozen crust far too firm and cutting was very difficult.
  5. Allow the cake sit within the freezer for life. Or at best overnight.
  6. Operate a sharp knife under warm water when slicing this can help produce a clean cut.

The ultimate two layers, the new fudge and also the whipped cream, are generally homemade. I encourage from-scratch! (And if one makes the frozen treats layers on your own, you’re SUPER human. I really possess a peanut butter cup frozen treats recipe in Sally’s Chocolate Addiction if you’re tempted…)

Anyway, I realize if you want to get a jar of hot fudge, however the hot fudge sauce I made is definitely the very best I’ve ever sampled. Brown Eyed Baker’s recipe yields a bit more than we want with this cake, but I’m definitely not upset with leftover hot fudge. Homemade whipped cream is very simple. There’s 1 step: whip it. For those who have a mixer, you may make homemade whipped cream. It’s so soft!

You’ll allow the hot fudge sauce awesome lower after which makes it, but it’ll not be as cold because the frozen treats layer beneath it. Due to the improvement in temperature, the 2 will kind of mesh together (although not within an ugly blob way) while you spread and that’s OK! Make certain you set everything within the freezer for fifteen minutes before distributing the whipped cream on the top.

Because the cake freezes, the interior layers stay separate, but move about a great deal. I loved the ribbons of hot fudge throughout and, obviously, the sprinkles on the top.

It’s really much less act as it appears, if you will require a couple of journeys both to and from the freezer. DQ and Carvel, you’ve met your homemade match. Can’t wait to create it can next weekend!!

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