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Fried grain is an extremely typical Thai street food, offered at every restaurant that serves stir fried dishes through the Thailand.

Within this Thai fried grain recipe with shrimp, you’ll learn to create a scrumptious plate of fried grain much like you’d think it is in Thailand.

Let’s get cooking!

Authentic Thai fried grain recipe

Thai fried grain (khao pad )

Really rapidly before we start with this particular fried grain recipe, let’s review a couple of details.

In Thailand, fried grain together with tulsi chicken (or any other variations), are dishes that just about every stir fry restaurant serves, especially common at street food stalls.

You can find Thai fried grain with the selection of meat, only one of the most popular versions is famous in Thai as khao pad goong (), or fried grain with shrimp.

The main reason I love it a lot, if you peel the shrimp, but leave the mind on, therefore the oily goodness in the mind from the shrimp functions just like a sauce to coat the grain in red buttery shrimp flavor – it’s amazing (I’ll demonstrate how within this recipe).

That being stated, you may make this Thai fried grain recipe with shrimp or other meat or protein you want.

A few of the ingredients you’ll requirement for this recipe

Ingredients you’ll need

Note: If you wish to get right to the recipes details, scroll lower towards the video and recipe box below. But keep studying here, for any more in-depth summary of Thai fried grain.

One thing that actually makes this fried grain Thai (from other kinds of fried grain from around the globe), is the fact that Thai fried grain is offered having a wedge of lime quietly, then one referred to as prik nam pla (), that is a condiment of chillies and fish sauce to garnish the fried grain.

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I’m will make this Thai fried grain recipe using shrimp, egg, Chinese broccoli (kailan), garlic clove, onions, eco-friendly onions, and grain.

Shrimp gives amazing flavor to fried grain

The easiest method to approach the shrimp is to begin with whole fresh shrimp.

Pinch from the mind, and de-covering your body, but keep your tail on (for Thai style), and then try to support the shrimp oil from the mind on the top from the body. This is exactly what provides you with fried grain an excellent red orange color, along with a nice wealthy flavor.

Yet another think, I don’t normally devein small shrimp such as this, however, you can if you’d like.

In Thailand, aromatic jasmine grain may be the favorite.

With regards to grain for fried grain, it’s better to really use day-old grain. This way, the grain is a touch dried therefore it doesn’t get mushy or clump together whenever you stir fry it.

If however you have to use freshly steamed grain, just attempt to make certain your bowl of grain has chilled which it’s somewhat dried up before getting began.

By trying to fry your grain when it’s still sticky and moist, it’ll keep to the pan a great deal simpler, and in addition it won’t provide you with that nice dry fried grain that you’re opting for.

Fresh Thai bird chilies to reduce track of fish sauce

Combined with the fried grain itself, probably the most essential element of this Thai fried grain recipe is really a condiment referred to as prik nam pla ().

Regardless of what Thai street food restaurant you consume at, you’ll always find this scrumptious condiment you are cooking.

Prik nam pla (chilies and fish sauce )

Prik nam pla (chilies and fish sauce ) is actually simply diced chilies combined with fish sauce (here’s the main one I typically use), and often a squeeze of lime juice, and that’s it.

Just a little sprinkle from the fish sauce and a few fresh chilies on the top of the plate of fried grain, along with an extra squeeze of lime juice, take each bite of fried grain one stage further, and truly causes it to be Thai fried grain from any other kind of fried grain.

Ok, now let’s enter into the entire recipe.

(Should you can’t begin to see the video, see it online here:

Thai fried grain recipe with shrimp ()

Time: About fifteen minutes as lengthy as you’ve all of the ingredients all set to go
Recipe size: This recipe is simply for 1 single plate dish that serves 1 person
Cooking Utensils: I love to make use of a Chinese style wok, spatula
Flavors: Salty
Eat it with: A sprinkle of pepper, fish sauce and chilies, along with a squeeze of fresh lime

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